Chic Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas

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If you are somebody who is going to get married and get confused to find your wedding theme, you can be different by choosing vintage wedding theme. A vintage wedding is the way to go and you can go for a 1920’s or 1950’s inspired style. You can start by selecting the wedding flowers.

Vintage Wedding Flowers

If we talk about a vintage wedding, dusty pinks and whites are the perfect choice of flowers colors to arrive a vintage outlook. You don’t have to be worried since there are lots of flowers that fit in with that color scheme. If you choose roses, you choose the perfect flower for vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding Flowers With Roses
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David Austin Roses and Old Dutch Roses will arrive gorgeously in dusty pinks, while Sweet Avalanche Roses and Illusion Roses are able to add some girlishness to your wedding bouquet. If you wish to add some darker colors into your color scheme such as faded purples, the perfect choice may fall in Amnesia Roses.

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If you are looking for a more elegant outlook for your vintage wedding, White Vendella Roses are the rightest ones. Roses can work perfectly well on their own, but you can try dusty pink or white Hydrangeas if you want to add some more, smaller flowers on your wedding.

Vintage Wedding  Cakes

If we come to the wedding cakes for the vintage wedding, what we have to do is keeping the cake simple and elegant but with a little added something.

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Arriving antique effects and small embellishments are identical with vintage style, so small gold leaves on the cake are the perfect look. You can also have a romantic touch by having some small iced flowers on your wedding cakes.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

For your outlook of the vintage wedding dress, there are two main styles of dresses that you can choose. The 1950’s Hollywood star is the first style you can choose. To ensure that your wedding dresses have the vintage outlook rather than simply elegant is by choosing the dresses coming with some detailing such as lace or pearl embellishments. “Carmella” by MiaMia is a perfect example of a long, vintage wedding dress that you can choose.

You can also arrive a vintage outlook by wearing tea-length dresses. By wearing a tea-length dress, you are able to have more traditional dress shapes such as the ball gowns or A-line gowns since the shorter length will make your dresses to have the vintage vibe.

The best way to arrive a vintage outlook to the wedding dresses is by convincing that the dresses have some detailing. So, pay the attention to the small details on the dress-pearl beading or lace embellishments.

Vintage Wedding Shoes

To arrive a vintage look of the bridal shoes is by giving some kind of embellishment. Beads, pearls and crystals can all make a pair of shoes look instantly vintage.

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Opting for a pair of shoes with a smaller heel, rather than a stiletto, will also make your shoes look vintage.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles and Make-up

Elegant and chic look is the soul of the vintage bridal hairstyles,like the ladies of the 1920’s and 1950’s. You can reach it by trying to create a classic hair-do like Audrey Hepburn’s hair in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This hairstyle is great for accessorizing, just by adding in a small pearl hair-clip or a gorgeous tiara. Red lips can look amazing on a vintage bride, so be bold and give the red lips tick a go. Or if you aren’t a big fan of lipstick, give feline eyes a go, with some finely lined eyelids.

Arriving in Style

If you’re bringing yourself back to the 1950’s for your big day, then why not travel like someone from the 1950’s too! Ditch the fancy, modern car and use a vintage car such as a 1950’s Austin Princess, or a classic Ford.

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