Unique Camo Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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There are many ways to deck out your wedding to suit your own personal taste and style, including incorporating camo wedding centerpieces in your reception decorations. Here are a few ideas for do-it-yourself centerpieces and tips on how to incorporate your personality into your wedding reception.

Camo Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
Simple Camo Wedding Centerpiece – Photo of Elegant Wedding Invites

The term camo is short for camouflage, a pattern created by dyeing fabric with splotches of green, brown, beige, and black. The idea behind camo is that these fabrics will help the wearer blend into his or her surrounding when outdoors. Typically this fabric is worn by hunters, soldiers, and others who would have a need to be camouflaged.

However, the pattern has caught on as a unique fashion statement for men, women, and even children. If you or your spouse-to-be enjoy hunting, fishing, or any of the other activities typically associated with outdoors hobbies, or are a member of the military, you may decide to go with a camo theme for your wedding.

Creative Camo Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
Creative Camo Wedding Centerpiece – Photo of Cute Wedding Ideas

This unique choice can add a touch of personality to your wedding, but you may feel it difficult to find to find appropriate decorations and camo wedding centerpieces. Consider these tips and wedding centerpiece ideas that will make your wedding day even more beautiful and memorable. Camo Wrapped Vases. Purchase camo fabric at a craft supply store. Place a glass vase in the center of the fabric, folding the fabric around the vase. Using hot glue, attach the fabric to the glass, being careful to make neat folds as you work your way around the vase.

Camo Wedding Centerpiece Idea With Lantern
Camo Wedding Centerpiece Idea With Lantern – Photo of Wedding Buck At List

If you would prefer a more subtle look, consider hot gluing only a small piece of camo fabric to the vase. Place fresh or artificial flowers in the vase to complete the look. Basket with Camo Accents. For something different, consider purchasing chocolate brown or black wicker baskets. Weave camo ribbon or fabric through the wicker at the top of the baskets.

Camo Deer Antler Candle Wedding Centerpiece
Camo Deer Antler Candle Wedding Centerpiece – Photo of Wallpaper Zen

If you’re really handy, sew camo fabric inserts for the interior of the baskets, folding the top of the fabric over the sides. Use these baskets to hold one-time-use cameras. Your guests can take pictures of each other and aspects of your wedding reception that you might never have experienced otherwise.

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