Most Romantic Honeymoon Ideas To Do At Home During Covid-19

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A turning point when getting married is to come up with romantic honeymoon ideas. When planning your wedding, you should plan your honeymoon along with it. Be sure to plan your honeymoon as far away as possible to save money and live the honeymoon of your dreams.

It will not become a problem if your planning is to do any site seeing or if you plan to use lots of intimate time in your honeymoon site, on condition that you are together. Here we will highlight some of the most romantic ideas to do on honeymoon that will no doubt appeal to most newlyweds. All of these honeymoon ideas you can actually do at home.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas on a Budget at Home

most romantic honeymoon ideas at home
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Marriage during a pandemic feels so different. No parties you can hold, no photos with friends as usual and family, and there will be no honeymoon. The honeymoon agenda had to be emptied at home.

The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted numerous activities that people should do. It is including honeymoons. Instead of enjoying time together on the beach before sunset, couples inevitably have to build their own honeymoon-style romantic atmosphere at home. Newlywed couples don’t need to worry, there are some interesting romantic honeymoon ideas on a budget you can have at home.

1. Enjoy a Cocktail Together

cocktail at home
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The first day of a honeymoon at home should concentrate on relaxation with a romantic atmosphere. You can create a similar romantic atmosphere on the beach simply by using the garden of the house.

2. Dinner by Candlelight

candle light dinner at home
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Candlelight dinner does not always have to be done at a famous restaurant. At home you can feel the same sensation.

What you have to do is preparing the dining table and putting a tablecloth that still smells good. To be more romantic you can complete the dinner with wine and accompanied by candlelight. At the end of the session, you can really close the evening agenda by dancing while escorted by soft music.

Enjoy a glass of cocktail in the late afternoon. Then you continue the agenda with dinner. In order to be more romantic, you can surely invite your partner to cook together to create their own intimacy.

3. Spa

spa at home
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Here is another cheap romantic honeymoon idea. Pampering yourself with a spa will be a fun agenda for the weekend. You don’t need a special site. You can just turn your bathroom bathtub into a private hot tub.

You and your partner can utilize each other’s hair masks interchangeably while giving a massage to the head. Also massage the arms and fingers until the couple feels comfortable.

To be more soothing, don’t dis remember to light an aromatherapy candle or an oil diffuser with certain essential oils.

4. Virtual Picnic

virtual picnic
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Numerous tourist attractions have indeed been opened by implementing certain health protocols. Though, if you are still anxious, first avoid crowded places such as tourist areas. But you don’t need to be discouraged. Now, many travel service providers are opening virtual travel trips.

You and your partner can join in on a virtual sightseeing tour. Just provide snacks, favorite drinks, sit on the sofa together, and take a ‘journey’ without having to leave the house. Isn’t it interesting?

5. Exercise Together

exercise at home
Courtesy of Muscle and Fitness

There’s nothing wrong with spending time alone with sports together. Not only makes the body healthy, exercise will also make you and your partner feel happy.

The study from Decathlon found that more than half of participants felt the positive influence of exercise on romantic relationships. As many as 21 percent acknowledged that exercise together made them more interested in their partner.

“Exercising with a loved one means having someone who can encourage you to work out harder and reach your fitness goals faster,” says Decathlon Sports Manager Joshua Gutteridge.

6. Camping or Hiking Near Home

camping near home
Courtesy of The Telegraph

The next romantic and interesting idea that you can do to spend your honeymoon at home is hiking or camping.

You don’t have to go too far from your home. I’m sure around where you live there must be an interesting place to do camping.

For those of you who live in mountainous or hilly areas, there must be a perfect place for camping. As long as you are camping, you can go hiking with your partner. You can climb the hill or visit the villages around your camping site. All you can do at a low cost and of course very fun for both of you.

7. Fishing Together

fishing near home
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Another fun thing you can both do to fill your honeymoon at home is fishing. You can go to the river near your house and fish there.

The fish you get from fishing can be cooked together. Your dishes can be served for lunch or dinner. Anything will be very fun when you do it together.

8. Home Decorating

home decorating
Courtesy of The New York Times

As a newlywed who occupies a new home, it will be very pleasant if you decorate your home. Of course you have interesting ideas that you can apply to your home decor. I’m sure this activity will be very enjoyable for both of you.

Of course there are still interesting ideas and other romance that you can do for honeymooners at home. You don’t have to spend a lot money by traveling far out of town or visiting other countries to get a romantic honeymoon atmosphere. All you can do your home because the core of doing honeymoon is to strengthen your relationship as a new partner and try to better understand each other. Hopefully these romantic honeymoon ideas you can do at home may inspire you.

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