Make Cute Wall Decor With 3D Butterfly Stickers

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3D Butterfly Stickers

3D butterfly stickers are a cute thing that you can use to decorate any room wall at your home. Another creative thing is a greenery vine.

Wall Decor Idea With 3D Butterfly Stickers

These gold butterfly stickers are from metallic paper. You can easily fold the butterfly sticker into the shape that you wish for. After you have them, these 3D butterfly wall stickers will enhance liveliness to your room.

These wall decals make use of high quality glue. You do not have to be worried because they will not easily fall off the wall. Furthermore, the glue is removable. They will not leave marks or destruction to your home wall.

Party Decor With 3D Butterfly Stickers

You can use butterfly stickers for many things. They are pretty cute to decorate any place. If you are going to have a birthday party for your children. These would be great to beautify the spot you are going to use for the party.

Kids Room Decor With 3D Butterfly Stickers

You can also use them to decorate your nursery. Your baby would like it. They will make the nursery merrier. They are also nice for dessert table decor, cake toppers or fridge stickers.

Bedroom Wall Decor With 3D Butterfly Stickers

If you need something to decorate your photography background, these stickers are great choice. Using them for festival celebration decorations is awesome. These 3D butterfly stickers are so cute to display in your kids’ bedroom and also amazing to decorate for wedding parties.

They would really inject new vitality into modern decoration design and show a fresh and elegant temperament. They will surely make your decorative level richer.

How To Use These Butterfly Stickers

  1. Fold wings to create 3D effect.
  2. Peel off the double sided adhesive dots.
  3. Paste the 3D butterfly onto your wall.

You can use these stickers for many kinds of walls such as ceramic tile, marble, glass, metal, smooth wall, and smooth wood.

3D Butterfly Sticker Styles

Where to get these butterfly stickers? You can purchase them from Amazon. The package will include 48 pcs butterfly wall stickers. They are 12 pcs Style 1, 12 pcs Style 2, 12 pcs Style 3, 12 pcs Style 4, each style has 3 sizes (3″, 4″, 5″). These 3D butterfly stickers come with 48 pcs double sided adhesive dots.

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