Unique Home Wall Decor With Artificial Vines

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Home Wall Decor With Artificial Greenery Vines

There are a lot of things you can use for creating unique and beautiful home wall decor. One of creative items is this artificial vine. This greenery would be a perfect decoration for any room at your home. You can hang it in your bedroom or living room.

The ivy leaves are from high grade silk and processed with dyeing. Therefore, they will not fade easily. These are also waterproof. The stem is from best plastic and silk. It is soft and sturdy. You can bend it with no trouble and twist at will.

How to use this artificial greenery vines for home wall decor?

Greenery Indoor Decor

The artificial ivy has a vivid look. You can use it for indoor decor. Also you can use it as the main decoration of your numerous outdoor parties. It will let you feel the magical charm of nature. It will also provide you additional privacy and atmosphere in your life.

Vines Livingroom Decor

You can surely use these artificial hanging vines for many things. You can make charming couch backdrop with them. For room makeover, bedroom window hanging decor, and living room decor, these are also gorgeous.

Greenery Birthday Party Decor

Greenery Outdoor Wedding Decor

Other uses are for greenery backdrop, patio trellis, jungle theme party supplies, dinosaur bedroom decoration, outdoor arch, wedding backdrop, backyard and so forth.

Since the artificial vine is created by chemical procedure, it is usual to have some plastic smell. Though, it will not cause any harm to the human body. You can eliminate the smell by placing the vines in the ventilated place for a moment.

If you buy this product, the package includes 24 fake ivy vines with an entire measurement of 173 feet/52.8 meters. Each vine is around 7.2 feet/2.2 meters long.

Where to get this fake greenery vine?

If you are surely looking for something for home wall decor, then this greenery vine is the best choice. You can get this from Amazon for 16 dollars.

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