Unique Metal Wall Scone For Classic Wall Decor

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Metal Wall Scone For Classic Wall Decor

You can really add a stunning look to any room at your home with this marvelous pair of metal wall sconce. This candle holder is very stylish to make any room wall look modern or classic.

This metal wall scone is able to give a variety of styles. It is a perfect decor for the any wall room. You can place it in your living room to make a gorgeous look.

Metal Wall Scone For All Room Wall Decor

Metal Scone Dining Room Wall Decor

It will be a chic wall decoration to your bedroom as well. It is so perfect to beautify almost all rooms at home. Your bathroom and dining room will give an outstanding look to hang it there. It will surely be a surprising welcome to your entrance passage.

If you are looking for a gift idea, then this wall candle holder will be a great gift for anyone who likes classic or modern style decoration. These two metal candle sconces will certainly be a great decoration for a lovely festive gift for relatives and friends.

This charming candle holder is from metal and glass. Each sconce comes with an openwork rectangular silhouette, cylindrical plastic shade, and flame-less LED light candle to rise illumination. The battery is not included in the package.

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It is very easy to install it. It is lightweight and sturdy. Mount onto wall from front using screws. Install the battery for the candles. You will surely not find any difficulty to install this hanging wall sconce.

The surface of the candle holder is intentionally designed as an ancient effect. Uneven paint is deliberate and normal. For you who are looking for a wall decoration, then this unique metal wall scone is what you need. To know the details and price of this lovely item, you can visit Amazon.

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