Unique Moon Phase Mirror For Scandinavian Wall Decor Ideas

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Moon Phase Mirror For Scandinavian Wall Decor

This moon phase mirror is the best decoration to create a Scandinavian and bohemian ambiance at your home. When you place them on your living room wall, they will really make your guests amazed. They would create a unique appearance in any room.

With these only five pieces you will have endless possibilities of decoration ideas. These mirrors can easily reflect the surrounding light. They can beautifully make your home feel brighter and roomier. Moreover, you can also make the satellite both outward and inward. You can switch the orientation around the crescent moon.

Bedroom Wall Decor With Moon Phase Mirrors

If you are looking for great spiritual decor ideas, then these decorative mirrors are best suitable for you. A number of people think that sun and moon bring about making and devastation, the liveliness of moon as an accompaniment to sun have unpredicted effects for people.

In medical astrology, the moon rules our rhythms, moods, habits and lifestyles. With all of these good things, these mirrors would be a perfect gift for moon lovers.

Living Room Wall Decor With Moon Phase Mirrors

These unique decorative mirrors are great to decorate any room at your home. You can place them in your lovely living room wall. They are also best to beautify your bedroom wall and kitchen wall.

How To Install This Moon Phase Mirror

You would not find any difficulty to install these mirrors. You just paste them on the smooth wall with 3M stickers such as plastic surface, ceramic tile surface, metal surface, smooth wallpaper, smooth glass, wooden surface, and latex paint wall surface. Remember not to not use on the powder coated wall surface.

This moon phases mirror set is from imitation wood and acrylic panels. The frame material is from glass. It is not fragile. If you want to buy this moon phase mirror, you can visit Amazon to know the details and price as well.

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