10 Best Mirror Wall Decor For Living Room

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Mirror wall decor for living room comes in various designs. If you want to use a mirror to decorate your living room wall, you will not lack of ideas. You can choose metal mirrors with wooden frame and round or hexagon shapes. The following mirror wall decor ideas will surely make your living room stylish and energetic.

Mirror Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Mirror Wall Decor For Living Room
An intricate frame will give this metal mirror modern sophistication and a touch of glam. With an antique gold finish, these mirrors can create a beautiful way to decorate your living room wall. Made from metal and mirror with a textured gold plate, this large statement piece is simple yet striking.

Gold Crush Diamond Square Mirrors
This square mirror comes with a circle of crush diamonds. It is a perfect decor to accentuate the look of a blind wall. It is very easy to clean.

Removable 3D Acrylic Quote Mirror Stickers
This 3D mirror wall sticker could bring the sense of warmth and love to your house with the motivational sayings. It is from acrylic. Hence, it is lightweight and durable as well.

Gold Metal Sunburst Wall Mirrors
These metal art pieces work great alone to create a shabby chic touch to your home with this circle modern mirror set. These wall mounted mirrors are from high quality floating annealed glass which can prevent warping and distortion. Hang them to create a stunning look in your living room.

Wooden Hanging Sunburst Wall Mirror
This stylish hanging mirror comes with a vintage wooden sunburst frame with varying torched wood finishes and a glass mirror with crystal clear reflection. It is the perfect addition to your living room to create a rustic look.

Removable 3D Acrylic Butterfly Mirror Stickers
These 3D mirror wall decor stickers are from acrylic. They are lightweight and durable. Beautifully covered by a white glue film and a fuzzy protective film to avoid scratches. The mirrors are nice ornaments for living room.

Gold Round Decorative Metal Mirror
This stylish gold round mirror comes with a unique metal geometric sunburst frame with an antique gold finish and beveled glass mirror with crystal clear reflection. It is the perfect addition to your bathroom living room to create a modern boho look.

Removable Acrylic Round Mirror Decals
These round wall sticker decals are from acrylic. The surface is reflective. The back has glue itself. The decorative design will make your living room look different and more attractive.

Large Round Mirror With Beveled Glass Frame
This modern and unique mirror wall decor with glass frame will create a gorgeous and classic look in your living room. Its well made frame surface will increase a stereoscopic and sense of reality. When light shines on sunburst surface, it will add a natural shadow. Therefore, it will give a better sense of brightness and space.

Hexagon Acrylic Mirror
These plastic mirror tiles are from premium PVC material with smooth surface. There is a protective film to protect the surface. They are beautiful to decorate your living room.

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