Six Beautiful Wall Decor For Living Room Around TV

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There are many ideas of wall decor for living room around TV.  You can use any stickers or mirrors to decorate the spot around your TV in your living room or in any other room at your home.

Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room Around TV

There are ornamental things that can you use to decorate the area around your TV in your living room. The following items would be a perfect idea to be a wall decoration around the television.

Square Decorative Mirror Wall TV Decor
These small pieces of mirror with delicate bevel in exquisite craft with sparking in the light will bring stunning elegance and gorgeous impression to your living room. You can also use creatively to do wall DIY decoration by many pieces for home wall decor.

Rustic Wood Windmill Wall Decor
These farmhouse wall decors designed with cute and rustic windmill design will add a natural atmosphere around TV of your home. They will also bring you a relaxing mood every time you see them.

Blue Rose Decal Wall Stickers
These blue rose wall decals are from Eco-friendly vinyl, inks and adhesive. They contain non-toxic and are also odor free. Hence, they will keep your families far from chemicals harm. You can stick them to any smooth surfaces, walls, furniture, tiles, mirrors and windows, reusable without leaving damage or residue.

3D Rattan Flower Wall Decor
These 3D rattan flower decal wall stickers are a unique ornament to decorate the space around TV in your living room. You will see the perfect bright and reflective surface once film removed after product installation. They are suitable for both smooth, slightly rough or textured walls and have a strong viscosity.

3D Tree Decal Wall Stickers
These tree wall decal stickers are from crystal acrylic which are waterproof and environmentally safe. You could custom these wall stickers as you want as every black circle sticker is removable.The size would change as you change the design.

3D Wall Decor For Living Room Around TV
These 3D trees wall stickers will create your living room full of nature. They are suitable for smooth surfaces, such as walls, glass, wood boards, and more. You can surely use them to decorate the area around TV in your living room.

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