Bridal shower cake designs must reflect the personality of the brides so that they will attract the guests’ attention in the wedding ceremony.

Adorning wedding cakes with fresh sunflowers will really attract the attention of the guests since they look bright, fragrant and fresh.

Giving something fresh outlook in your wedding reception with the availability of sunflower wedding cakes will really impress the guests. A sunflower wedding cake cannot be beat for its pure brightness, charm and beauty.

Christmas is going to come soon. Having Christmas wedding theme would be a very great idea to do for your wedding. And Christmas wedding cakes are a must in this moment.

Between the design and taste of castle wedding cake should support each other so that the delightful and nice-looking wedding cake will be created.

Wedding cakes are not only the one of some important parts in a wedding day having function as a dessert served to guests at last but they symbolizes the whole part of the wedding as well.

The tradition of storing the top tier of a wedding cake that had been started so long ago in England, when the wedding cake with many tiers made of fruitcake which was soaked in wine or rich brandy.

Wedding cake as the important part in a wedding day has a tendency to change its trend from year to year. For 2010, the trend of wedding cakes belong to the tall cakes or tower cakes.