Sang Maestro

Summer is the greatest time to hold a wedding. It shows the warmest climate that would enhance the exciting sense of a weddings.

Short wedding dress looks simple but chic. It is also very comfortable to wear especially for a summer wedding like beach weddings.

Strapless wedding dress is great for the brides having long arms and not too skinny body. This bridal dress makes a bride slim and elegant.

Wearing an ideal wedding dress is dreamed by a bride. There are some things to know to get the ideal wedding dress.

A beautiful wedding venue will really enhance the beauty and elegance of our wedding. Many wonderful wedding venues such as hotel, garden, cruise, zoo and castle.

The application of wildflower for bouquets is still very great. And there are lots flowers that can be seen for your ideas.

A modern bride will tend to choose a wedding dress with simple style and white color. It may be a short white gown which is not for a wedding purpose at first.