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Wedding cakes are not only the one of some important parts in a wedding day having function as a dessert served to guests at last but they symbolizes the whole part of the wedding as well.

A-line princess wedding gown is very precise to wear by a bride having a heavier body in the hips and waist. This kind of gown comes in various themes such Disney, fairytale, classic, and others.

Giving something unique and interesting such as horse cakes as the wedding favors will be something that will be remember by the quests coming to your wedding celebration.

The trend of wedding rings always change from time to time. The ten most popular wedding rings here may enrich your ideas of wedding rings both as wedding rings or engagement rings.

The tradition of storing the top tier of a wedding cake that had been started so long ago in England, when the wedding cake with many tiers made of fruitcake which was soaked in wine or rich brandy.

From many styles of wedding dresses and gowns, the classical and unique wedding dresses influenced by the Greek arriving in elegant, sexy, and beautiful designs may become your consideration.