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There are many avenues you can take when creating a work of art through a wedding decorations for cakes. Although the cake does have to taste good, the success of a wedding cake is all about how it looks.

We have gathered down below a number wedding cake styles and designs where you can draw inspiration from. Choose from different concepts that will fit your theme, from simple and romantic down to utterly fancy and unique.

The seating arrangements for your wedding reception can be a bit of a puzzle. Here are some tips for creating the perfect seating plan for your wedding reception.

Wedding receptions will not be complete without a trusty seating plan placed by the entrance for your guests to check before being seated. These wedding seating plan ideas will really help you.

Lighting decoration is essential for any wedding day. If you are looking for ideas and inspirations for lighting wedding, these romantic lighting decor ideas for wedding will really make your wedding day awesome.